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How to Design Custom Hang Tags that Stand Out

Feb 16, 2023 by LabelMe

Every little detail counts when it comes to product branding, and personalized hang tags can have a significant impact. A well-crafted hang tag not only gives your products a professional touch, but it also aids in setting your brand apart from rivals. If you're planning to create custom hang tags, here are some tips to help you design hang tags that stand out.

Define Your Hang Tag Purpose

Having a clear understanding of your hang tags' function is crucial before you start creating them. Are you producing hang tags for product information or branding purposes? Will they be used as hang tags for promotions or instructions? Your design will be more relevant to your objectives if you are aware of the function of your hang tags.

Choose the Right Material

You must use the right material for your custom hang tags when designing them so that it complements your brand's image and goal. For the printing of hang tags, some of the most popular materials are paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal. The appropriate material for your product must be selected because each of these materials has benefits and drawbacks.

If you're designing clothing hang tags, paper or cardboard may be the best option. They are lightweight and easy to print on, making them perfect for displaying product information. On the other hand, if you're designing hang tags for durable items like electronics, plastic or metal may be more suitable. They are more durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring your tags last longer.

Incorporate Your Branding Elements

It's crucial to add your branding aspects into your design because custom clothing hang tags are an extension of your company's identity. The hang tag should prominently display your brand's logo, colors, and typefaces. This helps to build brand awareness and guarantees that your clients can instantly recognise your products.

To make your hang tags even more unique, consider adding special design elements that align with your brand. This can include custom illustrations, patterns, or textures. These design elements will make your hang tags more eye-catching and help to differentiate your products from competitors.

Keep Your Design Simple and Clear

While it's essential to incorporate your branding elements into your hang tag design, it's also crucial to keep the design simple and clear. Overly complicated designs can distract from your brand message and make your hang tags less effective. Ensure that your design is easy to read and understand, and that the most important information is highlighted.

Select the Right Size and Shape

The size and shape of your hang tags can have a significant impact on their effectiveness. Your tags may stand out and bring attention to your products with the proper size and shape. Think on the packaging of your products and the method of display when choosing the size and style of your hang tags. Will your tags be packaged with the goods or hang from it? You can use this to choose the perfect size and shape for your hang tags.

Pay Attention to Printing Quality

The quality of your hang tag printing can also affect the effectiveness of your tags. Poor printing quality can make your design look unprofessional, affecting your brand image negatively. Ensure that your printing provider uses high-quality materials and printing techniques to produce your hang tags. This will ensure that your tags look great and represent your brand effectively.

Add a Call-to-Action

If you're designing promotional hang tags, it's essential to add a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA encourages your customers to take action, such as visiting your website or making a purchase. Ensure that your CTA is clear and actionable, and that it aligns with your goals.

In conclusion, custom hang tags can be an effective way to enhance your brand and add a professional touch to your products. By following these tips on how to design custom hang tags that stand out, you can create hang tags that not only provide product information but also contribute to your branding efforts. Remember to define the purpose of your hang tags, choose the right material, incorporate your branding elements, keep your design simple and clear, select the right size and shape, pay attention to printing quality, and add a call-to-action. But above all choosing an experienced and finest manufacturer for your hang tag printing is important. So if you are looking for such a manufacturer who can exceed your expectations then there is no other than Labelme. Labelme is one of the most reputed names in this industry with years of experience in creating custom hang tags. Choosing Labelme as your hang tag manufacturer will ensure the best results for your hang tag.

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