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Privacy Policy

Everything you need to know about LabelMe

All information about Users that are collected, stored, or transmitted in any way on the LabelMe Website, including any registration information, is subject to our Privacy Policy, the information collected by the LabelMe Company through the Website includes Users’ mobile number, bank details and KYC for the limited purpose of fulfilling transactions on the Website. Compilation of user accounts and user accounts bearing contact numbers and e-mail addresses are owned by the Company.

The Users agree that information about their use of the Platform through their mobile telecommunication device may be communicated to the Company, and the Company may obtain information from the Users’ mobile carrier or mobile device. Besides, the use of the Platform through a mobile telecommunication device may cause data to be displayed on and through the Users’ mobile device. By accessing the Platform using a mobile telecommunication device, the Users represent that to the extent they import any of their data to their mobile telecommunication device they have authority to share the transferred data with their mobile carrier or another access provider.

The Users agree to promptly update their account information in the event of change or deactivation of their mobile account to ensure that the messages intended for them are not sent to another person. Failure to do so is the sole responsibility of the Users. The Users acknowledge that they are responsible for all charges and necessary permissions related to accessing the Platform through their mobile access provider. The Company urges the Users to check with their providers to find out if the Platform is available on their mobile devices.

The Company urges the users to beware of fake offers and fraudulent callers/messengers who may impersonate themselves as representatives of the Company. The Company’s authorized representatives will never contact the Users to demand money for prizes or ask for password/PIN/CVV. In the event you are asked for confidential details by anyone posing as the Company’s representatives, please ask them to communicate with you through email and only respond to emails from the LabelMe domain.

Questions about the Terms should be sent to us at

Policies related to returns/exchanges, penalties, refunds, and the cancellation will be updated in the Website from time to time. The Company holds the right to change these policies as required in the Website without any permission from the Users.

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